Sunday Inspiration

The last week has been terrifyingly expensive, aggressively driven and full of hustle and grind, hustle and grind. I’ve thought up (and fallen in love with) exciting ideas for coming years and am drawing inspiration from people with a well hung head fed on purely never-say-nah ideas. The big scary sorta ones. The ones so easy to hide from, yeah those suckers – can’t hide from me now – I’ve got my cunning eyes on.

Surprised or not, my queen, Ms Chung, enlightened my mind on her notion of dismissing the idea of “folly” behind the fashion industry, (also applicable to design and art, i believe) in this video from her series with Vogue. It kicked off my week with a fresh perspective on the ever lingering ease of crippling self-doubt in career choice and personal worth.

Here’s what else has kept me feeling full and smiling my starry eyes.

xx Olive


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