My first love was a layout

At a young age, Frankie Magazine captivated my designers heart and prompted the beginning of a lot of ambitions. In looking back, it was mainly the beautiful stock and captivating layouts that really sealed the deal (although their pubescent-y, witty content did also help a lot).

Ever since, I’ve been chasing a yours truly relationship with well-produced layouts within clean publications. I actually ended up doing what I’m pursuing as a result of my art direction hero, Holly McCauley (Frankie born, also). And now I can’t shake the deep-purple-heart-throbbing-pang that happens whenever I lay eyes a fresh beauty.

In celebration, I though it was time that I compiled a collection of my current favourites. Feast your eyes but be careful, the Heartbreak Richter is at its peak.

P.S. there’s more on my pinterest.

xx Olive


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