Now here’s an idea

I am absolutely not shy about the fact that Katniss Everdeen is my idol and the Hunger Games is a very real thing in my head.

She’s brave, forward thinking, clever, strong, fearless, selfless, full of love, skilled with her tools, creative in her problem solving, stands up and mighty for what she believes in (especially in the face of death and fear), good at climbing trees, revolutionary in her actions and words and powerful beyond her means. I love her.

I was recently at a group laser skirmish event. I’m more guts and glory so paintball or real skirmish would have been ideal but I settled anyway. I did however, have a mighty plan to take out all my enemies and do my district proud.

DISAPPOINTED. It was a far cry from the arena would have been and there wasn’t one thing hungry about the game. I was throwing out the mockingjay call for absolutely nothing. In deep reflection I thought up an alternative; A Hunger Games style laser skirmish. I m a g i n e. In a wild ‘arena’ only to be staged when the sun has set with obstacles like trees instead of foam boxes and no Swedish house music but instead – silence.

To capture the capital is the ultimate victory but if you are unable to channel Katniss and achieve such feats, shooting down, (with whichever weapon your heart desires), your enemies in the arena will suffice. Last one left is the winner and their district is worshiped at an evening meal. Not sure but, just a throwing ideas.


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