Sunday Inspiration

Fortunately, life’s not all picking daisies from your neighbours yard and running as fast as you can before the old hag pegs you down and suffocates you with her tea cosy for stealing her flowers.

This week I hit a wall of that concrete stuff – stress – such an amount that in our time together, i’ve managed to come up with a new and innovative acronym for her: S  T  R  E  S  S – Sad Trees Really Evolve (into) Something Sexy (hold your applause).

Something sexy, I now am, and here’s how i reached the peak of the steep and rocky mountain slammed infront of me bright and early on Monday morning. In good news; i’ve finally washed my sheets.

P.S. I really dont recommend dismounting things from your to do list in hope of it disappearing while you go spend money and have lots of fun in its mask of absence. All fun and no work makes for a sad tree (see acronym for positive ending).

xx Olive

  • These words of wisdom soothed my soul and inspired my heart.
  • This exciting technology is going to pin me as the most cunning muggle out of Hogwarts
  • I love the new pieces from Melbourne based designers! I’m all cotton crushin’
  • This miniature comic had me in stitches! So hideously and embarrassingly relatable.
  • Absolutely all too relevant. I’ve reached for the tea and time-out!
  • A green, dating in your 20s summary. Also relevant.
  • I love this insight from RUSSH. Step inside. All that inspo, right?!

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