Progressive fields

It’s always interesting to know that people still assume art to be all portraits and paintings of flowers. News flash; that’s so last century. We are a world of ever-developing technological enforcements and this doesn’t magically get lost when it comes to our art world.

Ofcourse, there are still portraits and paintings of pretty flowers. But how we see them are not in the traditional ways. I wonder if you’ve ever wondered, that what is around you, affects your perception of what you see in your daily endeavours?

The things is, with that idea, we never see things from purely our own eyes. When it comes to art, what we see is most commonly far beyond traditional perception. There’s new ideas, new concepts, a new world, new technologies: new media art.

It does not mean it is no longer art. It is different! And it may stir some shock in your soul, but so are you!

Emmanuel Kant summarised the aesthetics within art as something that is beautiful if its felt; regardless of outside influences, colour, stroke, subject matter. His idea was that beauty in a work was only rewarded when / if it sat heavy in your gut and made your eyes curl up – similar to how you’d look into a bowl of olives or  at someone’s pretty smile. Its a wonderful idea and deserves much merit! Art is awarded its aesthetic purpose when it simply makes people feel.

The head image for this post is  one of Adam Martinakis’ work. He uses digital printing and industrial materials to make such elegant and powerful, evocative works. Another goodie is Justine Cooper. She uses new science developments to create authentic items (think DNA  injected lava lamps – yes!). Two wonderful fields merging, wonderfully. Wonderful.


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