Sunday Inspiration

This week i’ve been brainstorming up an investment in November. I’m dedicating more of my love (back) into Chung and Chung marathons and i’ve also realised that summer is just around the corner! Meaning long, fun days and opening your eyes under the ocean until your sight is foggy and you look like you’re on one of those eccentric-almost-acid-but-not drug those kids are doing these days.

For November i’ve curated a manifesto of sorts; sleep less, work more, have even more fun, too, and start eating more then once a day again. I have a hunch i can handle it. Also hunching on a possible loss of sanity, hydration and minimal feelings of emancipation. Whatever, but, yanno?

I recieved a letter from the Universe (yes, literally) on Friday. Sitting in my email inbox it reminded me:

“The system works, Olive. Image it, move towards it. Has to happen. It always does.
I’d elaborate… if it were necessary.
The Universe.”

After a week of being banged around by ‘life chaos’ and itching to get back into the swing of things + get shit done, i felt so empowered by this beautiful idea. The system! It’s all cogs and chains and quantum physics. Let’s do it.

xx Olive

  • This building was bought to my attention earlier in the week and i’m completely and utterly in love.
  • I think i’ll be studying and appreciating this gospel piece this month.
  • I was in absolute stitches when i watched this. What a clever way to advertise!
  • Potential publication soulmate. Swooning! Can’t wait for issue 1 to find itself in my mailbox.
  • A man who’s work mystifies me! Luckily I was storming Offset for assessment images and stumbled upon the genius. Beautiful.
  • I’ve wracked my brain questioning why this hasn’t been done before now?! Thankful.
  • I kind of love this shoot from Yen mag. This one, too, has me starry eyed for those summer days and desert flares. I can a hear the sweet, sweaty melodies.


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