Juices flowing

We had a lecture a couple of weeks ago about the creative process: how it works, flows, doesn’t flow an how we use it to do the things we do and i’ve absolutely nailed my lecturers about theirs during this trimester.

The only problem i’ve found is that it’s very much a process; and one that can’t and shan’t ever be ignored or disregarded for any reason whatsoever! The other thing that i’ve discovered is that everyone has their own little niche and finding it is like striking gold (nowadays though! Not an 1851, gold rush, kinda strike, how boring and uneventful).

Legend: (Nick lewis), explained the other day that being a designer is sometimes stressful and a lot of adulting around – very intimidating for young-adult life-avoiders breaching adulthood. One beautiful thing he stated was that you can’t lose sense of the way you work and your way doing of things. In design, and also in general life, but mainly nodding to you; scary design world.

It got me thinking about a summary of my process so for a bit of Jazzy fun, i’ll tap it out for you, despite a belief that this stuff is an internal fingerprint and isn’t one size fits all- at all! I’ll assume i’ve just gotten a brief to do something a little quirky or something.

  1. Read, discuss and digest what you are being asked to do
  2. Put on glasses, kettle and good music (BIGGY). (Important: Also put on catch me if you can attitude)
  3. Write down, praise yourself and then move past the OMG SO AMAZING idea – it’s most likely the worst idea you can come up with.
  4. Shake it off like you would after breaking up with someone that you didn’t even date.
  5. Write down every single possible word that’s associated with the concept and all ideas that come to your mind – especially the shittiest of all shit ones that you could ever conjure up.
  6. Sketch these ideas out. Layouts, type, image, logo, rebus, mock-ups, people’s faces etc.
  7. STEP AWAY FROM COMPUTER AND CREATE – relevant or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Take 5 – 30 minutes off to drink tea, eat, stand at window and ponder, call mum – whatever.
  9. Repeat steps 5 – 6 for 3 – 36 hours. Consider utilising results of step 7.
  10. Move to books, cd covers, posters, art, pinterest and tumblr for inspiration. Seems silly and procrastinatory BUT DO IT! Even if you think you’ve got your idea signed and sealed (it can be better, always).
  11. Digest, discuss and develop steps 5 – 6
  12. Repeat step 2 / don’t give up. (This part sucks).
  13. Conclude your Work in progress, deliver and re-address after hopefully not too much discouragement from your lecturer/class/studio/client/parents.

Now, this is not to scale, nor is it perfect, nor is it fully developed (I’m still at step 8 with my creative process), but it definitely helps (thanks Nick, David, Life).

If you’re not convinced and unsure of the fingerprint idea, i also found this beautiful video of a talented artist’s process/inspo.

xx Olive


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