Be My Witness

Lately, i’ve been seriously invested in praising a brand God. I’ve found soul in an identity and i’ve investigated it’s movement: how it has evolved, inspired, recovered and thrived. I’ve tacked it to my dreams and sourced how i’ll get involved. I’ve thought about it every day and learnt to succumb to it’s story.

So i’ve been thinking – how amazing! To have a world of support and understanding. A world that identifies you in one glance and knows your message, legacy and tribute. It’s a type of success that’s dreamed about in the design world; mentioned only by the elite or the crazy. To be at such a power; to be like a god. Everyone dreams of it, Hitler even commissioned his designers to portray him like the holy. It’s a dream that moves the world.

But really, it’s Nike.

The kings, the queens and the kingdom of identity in our world. Just do it, Better for it, We’re All Witnesses… It makes humans feel like Jesus, and it stands as God. Simple, bold, condensed and powerful messages sprawled across images of aspiration, determination and dedication. It’s universal in its application and moves with the demands all while keeping within it’s perfectly curated simple sense. I’m dreaming of you Nike. And i’ll be with you soon – be my witness.

xx Olive

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