Not Jay Z but Could Be

I am pretty into my tunes at the worst of times, so those good times are really good. It’s always been a thing in my life – soundtracks, mixtape, memories and obituaries. I was paternally raised on Bob Dylan, U2, Robbie Williams, Freddie Mercury, American Pie and the Coyote Ugly soundtrack – all obvious for a galof my generation. But i was siblingly raised from a fresh 9 year old to now on Kings of leon, Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk, Blink 182 and spin-off, Yellowcard (thanks sisters).

I definitely acclaim my survival to beginning here and look back on my time in a “band” fondly. There’s just something undeniably mystical about how music makes us feel. Muggle Magic. It inspires me, encourages me, pushes me, teaches me, soothes me, excites me, changes me and feeds me. I’ve always got some friends on my playlists. Lately i’ve found this more then ever getting back to my RnB roots that i can’t seem to shake.

For example, I put on my Biggy / D12 / Chance and feel like i’ve got the world under my feet. The traditional bass lines and perky melodies paired with naughty yet hilariously ego – inducing lyrics have me all like “come at me if you dare.” It’s a constant posey at my back. My alter-ego is from the detroit, playing ball at the court, flicking dirt at her haters; name’s Diddy. But that’s just for now, yanno??

Here’s a playlist of my current go to, posey-hot, inspirational tunes; they’ve been getting me through the latest days and i’m sure the future ones will see them too. Here’s my ego-driving-jay-z-i-am playlist for those who want a little more kick. It’s the good stuff.

Meet ya at the hoops, bra

xx Olive Diddy


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