Sunday Inspiration

This week can be summarised by this brilliant scene in the little rascals. Puberty hasn’t subsided and i’m beginning to question whether it ever will?? On the flip side, this week has also been so exciting and inspirationally driven (partially, also, driven by post-pubescent angst and fidgeting – refer to Avril Lavigne skater boy and / or Chung’s bible IT – page 177 – on how exiting a car can be tricky.)

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with some theme ridden playlists that i’ve created and will share shortly and also a lot of time sitting down “designing,” things that actually never surface because i’m really not doing anything. Procrastination: you’re playin’ me.

I did something crazy-out-of-character this week and caught the tram instead of riding to school to ensure that i got some reading time in. I’ve been reading this book and it’s really amazing. I picked it up at the old bookshop because it’s cover was so horrendously ugly and then realised that the content was groovy as and now i’m heroin-addicted. The tram was still a strange experience and i’ve learnt that no, eating sushi next to that old lady is not ok and yes, she will move to the seat opposite you because under-the-sea scent is not one that wins out for most. Another positive of this experience was that i was able to wear A SKIRT (not ok on a bike) and my biggest headphones (not ok with a helmet). It was liberating! Triple denim with my nike socks poking out of my chucks and a watch-me-and-weep attitude. Amazing.

Here’s some of the wonderful and “aw yeah, that’s sick,” things that were founded and got me through the past week. Liberate yourself! Catch the tram! Kiss lots of boys (but dont complain about the glandular fever).

xx Olive

  •  I’ve found a family in this blog. Never have I ever felt more understood / excited!
  • I saw a talk from industrial designer Alberto Alessi this week. Here’s his most magic invention. If anyone has a spare $450, we can have a hoot-of-a tea party! (pardon the pun).
  • Get out of condom town! Contraception just got really, really cool
  • Am super excited that i’ve sourced this genius – am getting so much inspiration from her elegant and clever work.
  • A very powerful and necessary message that should be guerrilla spammed all over the walls of this modern world.
  • I’m crushin’ on this case study from Danish studio, Stupid Studio. Painfully simple!
  • Ideas on Success. A close -study for me.
  • It’s no longer a secret that i’m drowning in lust for buildings! But under that is an already drowned lust-er me, dreaming of everything Sweden. Point being; I found a compilation of the two that has me in absolute swoon town.

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