A Must See

I recently visited the magnificent NGV building (google it for brief moment of amazement in your day) on St Kilda Road to see a long awaited  exhibition, The Enclave. I had seen a poster around that featured the opening image of the exhibition that such a powerfully executed representation of what it is to be like if you were a photojournalist at war (this particular representation was an African war).

A room full of double-sided large screens showing staggered and awe-inspiring, highly saturated cinematography from scenes as such. Astoundingly, despite heavily graphic and shocking story-style scenes, it was the heavily considered and in depth score that played around you; humbly securing every sensual element of the experience.

The entire exhibition was astounding and one that immediately took you to another place, held you down and trapped you in there, all in the first 30 seconds. I left feeling like i had personally seen, felt and now carry those raw, emotive feelings inside me and have experienced something deeply scarring without being jolted into something i’d never recover from.

It is beautiful and artistically profound, incredibly moving, overwhelmingly captivating and an experience i now feel i’ve absolutely lived. Get to it if you can, it’s one i wouldn’t want to miss and despite my best attempts, can’t be described – here’s some pics that i (legally) snapped, just to give you a little idea.

xx Olive


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