Sunday Inspiration

Phew! Seriously, what a fortnight! I can now b r e a t h e (or try to remember how to). It’s been amazing, powerful, inspired, adrenaline-driven, sleepless, food-less, cognitive-funtction-less and that’s just the good stuff! But as our world works, i’m now in the yang of that and am starting my days of slow paced living and savouring every flavour!

Although, in breaking news: It’s actually an incredibly difficult transition, from 100 miles an hour to 10 mph takes concentrated execution and leaves a lingering, pungent scent of burnt rubber. I’ve come up with a chronological-style coping mechanism. Just sleep, don’t think and try to remind yourself every minute that you do actually have the ability to not think and no, you don’t have anything that needs doing so stop assuming that you do and let it go. Sounds easy? Not.

SO this week, i’m diving head first into the slow lane. I’m hanging out with some people, dead and alive, that are my mentors and progressive thinking counterparts, and i’m going to settle into my groove; skidding, drifting around the bend into ye old festive season.

I’d share more insight, but i’m not yet used to thinking about things that aren’t design related so unless you want to talk grids and type hierarchy then i think silence is necessary until my speed-conditioned brain realises! It’s all over, buddy.

Here’s some staggered pieces of the world that i’ve been collecting during this time and things that i can’t WAIT to nuzzle into, now that i can.

xx Olive


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