Rollin’ tides

About four weeks ago i wrote in my diary – “I wish this year had 15 months.” I’m not sure if that’s the best or the most insane thought i’ve ever had but do know that i’m still wishing!

Summer begins tomorrow and this time last year, i was flying away to other worlds on a 4 month trip between all my American and European Loves. I definitely wasn’t prepared for how this was going to change my life and now, i definitely am not ready to comprehend a whole year passing since such a monument!

It’s been amazingly challenging and i’ve moved, felt, seen and met more beauty then i ever imaged was possible in such a short time; gratitude and excitement for the next month/forever are wreaking havoc in my heart – I’m filled with joy.

SO, I’ve decided to knuckle down and tick off a few things. Here’s my to-do list for summer, the end of this year, the start of next and essentially the almost beginning of another time. Let’s do this thing, time – I’m ready for you.

  • Tackle my sudden shark fear and get back out on the big board. A local beach at home has become the most ultimate shallow, fat wave spot – days will be spent there.
  • Read and read and read the biggest range of reads
  • Stay inspired, curious and driven – document it
  • Have the treehouse picnic my four year old nieces keep bugging me about. And then have a couple more.
  • Swim naked a lot
  • Laugh a lot
  • Try to eat more food each day! More food, more water, more moving
  • Re-focus on teaching myself to share better – love, food, music, ears
  • Reach a new PR
  • Kiss boys with big smiles and open eyes
  • Climb that tree i’ve been eyeing off for years. Don’t get caught.
  • Centre and calm my mind – reflect and move forward wiser.
  • Love and love and love and keep on loving. These rollin tides



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