Sunday Inspiration

It’s been a drabby, hot and dusty week in Melbourne and I’ve had only one conversation that’s really resonated.

I work at a french patisserie and we have these amazing regulars from all walks of life. We’re a squad – an elaborate and unjust group of pastry loving north-melbournites: Humble Musicians moving about in their dreams (you can see these in there eyes), 70 year old deaf and Swedish academics, a semi-old incredibly clever psychology academic who’s currently writing a book, obnoxious 50-something “hard-workers” and a broken english speaking 24 year old french girl always sporting a cool denim jacket -that’s our bonding point; no words needed. It’s truly amazing and a great place to be around. This week,  it’s the psychology academic that wins first place.

Always ready to share, Mark has an open mind. He questions everything and likes others to do the same. In between writing his book the other day he lightly mentioned that being up all the time is “absolute fucking crap,” and people who pretend to be as such are indeed sucking the lives from themselves. Mark explained that allowing yourself to be tired, restless, frustrated and everything else that’s not good or above is completely normal, human and indeed, very special.

It’s an interesting idea and one i quickly adapted to put my guilt aside for having felt slightly dumped by life’s positive wave. The good news is – ying + yang / what goes up must come down / rollercoaster affect. It’s all very exciting and the emergence out of my current pit is nearing – purely because of Mark and his reassurance. Age old wisdom – can’t beat it

Here’s the goods pushing me out

xx Olive









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