E=MC2, please

For years (actually maybe for my whole life??), i’ve been heavily into fitness / training – through means of all force, determination and pure love. Beginning with an honest belief that i WOULD be a female Beckham, beating away at my boots every afternoon after school until dinner, i moved into the last three or four years in a serious tone. Going from training to become a semi-professional athlete to then training as a semi-pro athlete.

Not all fun and games, that’s for sure! Plenty of games, yes, but our fun was the wild Saturday nights pent up from a week of ever perpetuating pressure (like, really.. i used to dream of getting on and off the bench), early mornings, possibly countless suicide runs, tiresome emotional banter, weakened high fives and not enough fuel.

It sounds as if i am in regret or disposal of such a time when really, i’m beyond grateful for everything that i was put through in my training those long seasons but it definitely took it’s toll on my athletic drive and at the end, i was in a very lost slump.

Thankfully, i was resurrected and moved into a whole new knowhow. I had to overcome my freshest anxiety that fretted over not having a goal and/or deadline. I had to re-discover – This has been the truest 400m suicide. 

In a brief manifesto – i’m a mover. My body thrives on movement – the ups and downs; the strength and reflex. In constant transient between one movement and the next – I am goal-less, yet limitless. I chase myself and bench myself. I run shuttles with my eyes before my legs twitch. I feel all that i do. I move every day and am deeply in love with its entirety. I get stronger in each season – it is all i can be. I am energy + I am movement.





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