Ideas on what’s still alive

I have this constantly churning addiction to the culture of things. Of people, places, ideas, history + traditions and everything in between. If something holds the feelings of culture – it’s passion, dedication and traditional forthrightness – it’s completely got me.

Coming from a little coastal country town – i was always drenched in places and stories that would scream culture. It was farming before the sun was up, surfing until your skin can’t anymore, day trips on Sundays, hazy eyes in early rising, three day cooking, tea-cosys and always tea time – but only after some work is done. It was and is a place of nurturing the generations before us and holding tight to humble days and good living.

Moving overseas for some time i discovered something that was yet to change my life forever; culture bubbles in every corner of the world. This triggered a lifetime of chasing such things and I became transfixed with all that feels fuller then anything money could ever buy; with concepts and scenes and languages that are older than my home country. Sweden’s “Fika” and Denmark’s “Hygge:” cultural concepts that scream warmth and comfort. France’s bread curation and Ireland’s working class pub hubs; the history of these places soaked up my imagination and it’s been drenched ever since.

Of course i have my special few -those that have utterly captivated my heart’s core – but my eyes are hungry and my brain pounds for more every day. It’s a terrible addiction. Show me more and more often, big cultured world!

xx Olive




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