Mr. Winton

I was pleasantly introduced to Australian (a very home grown one) literary genius, Tim Winton by a good friend with my first novel of his, Breath – of which is the only book i have ever read multiple times, let alone more then once at all! Have that a testament!

He writes with such a familiar and local voice that i find wherever i am in the world, i’m immediately taken home. His works emphasise culture and he writes with the notion of humble, yet excruciatingly accurate depth.

In the last few weeks i’ve been juggling the balance between the life i’ve grown up knowing and the life i’ve constantly been bouncing between since 2013. To put it plainly – coastal country vs big city. LUCKILY, some universal power moved his most recent novel into the palm of my hands just as i was tipping onto the edge of another lifestyle crisis.

And thank the absolute atomic powers for that! Through this memoir, Island Home, he reminded me that being so so in love with a landscape that it physical pains to be without it, is in fact understandable and to it’s end; it is a spiritual tie that should be cherished. With carefully chosen, yet simply and beautifully put words, my love for the landscapes that have always engulfed me become empowered. As i’ve become filled with a heart throbbing and now acceptable love, i’m dreaming of home’s salty kisses and bowing on my knees to our big island home. Thank you again, Mr Winton, for putting into words the Australia we know and feel as nothing less then sand seasoned Sunday roasts on the barbie.

Get your hands on this one – its a long-awaited celebration

xx Olive

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