Sunday Inspiration

Back to reality – OOP there goes gravity.

I’ve recently done my first aid certificate and in that, i learnt that shock is actually an injury. Call 000 i’m injured! GIVE ME SOME HANDS UP for the end-of-break-beginning-of-things shock! Diagnosed – shock, prescribed remedy – daydreaming, rest – none, sorry.

What a crazy turn around! Like a bandaid, they all say! Anyway, enough fondling around the matter- I’m back on the wagon and moving rapidly into the swirl of design realms and dream making / / chasing.

Luckily for this little country biddy, she’s in the big smoke and to cease self-pity and situation-loathing, she’s decided to tag it a place of opportunity. And so it’s turned out to be! I was lucky enough to meet up with the editor of ALL TIME CRUSH publication Paper Sea, picking his brain and gaining some insight into how the whole thing works and everything in between – still on stoke from the whole nervous event!

Today, one week later, at the same cafe, i got stood up and in light of one of the hopelessly pitiful accounts that seem to always place themselves in my presence, i started chatting to a hilarious man next to me who turns out to be an Art Director and illustrator. We sat and chatted about children’s books and Illustrations from Monks and why they make absolutely no sense for two wonderful hours!

Overall, the full moon has really been tapping its toes to the rhythm of my drum and conducting it’s orchestral madness. Nonetheless, it’s exciting and seems to hold promise.

Running to that beat         Xx Olive


One thought on “Sunday Inspiration

  1. loving your blog…yours words on paper are mesmerising, and allow me to feel that we are actually together and just having a chat/ discussion…and that is magic


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