Sunday Inspiration


The last week i’ve had my head nuzzled in deep inside Australia in the 1960s – thanks to one extremely intense and exciting uni assessment that is currently at hand. If you ever looked at the boys of today, running around on the beach with their boards under there hands, talking about the party that night and the chicks that follow, thinking “boys are so narrow these days.” Well, flash back to the 60s, not a whole lot has changed! Except maybe the haircuts and what’s deemed cool (no, boys of 1960s, bleaching your hair in this day and age does NOT fall into the acceptable category). VERY INTERESTING!

Anyway, it’s been a cyclone of very beautiful imagery and a lot of dreaming of home – once again – where the salt is permanently on your body and the are waves putting you to sleep.

In the midst of all of this – i know right – how could there possibly be more?! I’ve been battling some vicious demon cold and haven’t really got a complete grasp on much else. However, i have spent a lot of time exploring the world wide web and finding great things to show the world wide web.

Here’s what’s come of it –

xxx Olive



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