This weekend i have THREE WHOLE DAYS OF NO WORK!!!! It’s an understatement to say that i am so excited i’ve almost jumped out of my skin, several times! In an over ambitious sort of way, i started thinking about the 400 things i can do that i’ve wanted to do and really ENJOY doing for a long time. BUT, about half way through this process i realised i had to, before anything else, definitely make room for my rituals/habits that i so deeply treasure. I call these my soul habitats because, without them, i find myself hunting around on the ground looking for my spirit that’s been crushed and squashed in the rubble.

I truly believe (and have unfortunately suffered from dis-belief in the fact), that all work and no fika (time away), makes for a seriously dull horse and without some gentle nurturing any human being is no longer that.

So, i wanted to share my eight most dominant soul habitats with you. All of which are mandatory but when, where and how are factors never set in stone – the first ritual of them all. On a side note, Sunday’s include ALL if not all but, one of my rituals. It is forever the holy day. Thanks be to Sunday, AMEN!

  1. Sitting, reading and enjoying a morning hot beverage. I always have my herbal tea straight out of bed but i find the one i choose to completely indulge is that first coffee of the day – setting intentions for your day!
  2. Moving the body – with intent and intense!  A seriously mandatory exhibition for me; who’s body and mind is completely broken if i choose to pass it up.
  3. Immersing my body in the holiest of juices –  salt water. This is one that has to happen regularly and similarly to number 2, with complete intent. It’s an action that makes up 90% of my spirituality and keeps me me. Bless you, big blue ocean!
  4. Talking to and sharing stories with my closest and most loved ones. This is one that happens and happens and happens and never ends. And i thank the universe every-bloody-day about it. They hold my heart and keep me level.
  5. Meditating – daily and then once a week on a larger scale, burn a peace inducing scent or candle and completely stop the traffic in my mind. It’s great for allowing it all to sink in and settle in there.
  6. Musing  + writing of some sort. I think that because i’m a young-one, my mind is so full on theories and ideas. If i don’t mull on and summarise these regularly – i’m once again, picking up my scattered pieces.
  7. Learnings- languages, cultures, ideas, subjects, concept growth, essays on beauty, on humans, on physics.

    And Eight – i’m always adventuring. In my mind or in the world, it’s a forever one. Indulge in your Rituals! They are your spirit habitats. And as always, a photo essay – because words somehow are never enough.

xx Olive


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