Our Own Magic

I was recently watching this inspiring as all hell ted talk  and at one moment felt like i’d been implanted with life, kicked in the head, tickled until i pee’d and strangled in rage (in every good sense, yanno?) when this absolute genius claimed what’s always been said:

“We all have our thing – that’s the magic.”

RIGHT?!?! Genius! But really, it stood out! It came at the same time my five year old niece explained: “Mum you know that inside my body, i’m made up of all magic!” – also genius, right?!

It’s an idea that holds such truth but never, ever sticks around. In truth, the magic is everywhere around us and holds dearest “inside our bodies.” It’s in our words, in our movements, in our smile, our eyes, our homes, in the grains of timber, in sleep in our morning eyes. It comes from music, from expression, from images, from films. It hides in our first coffee of the day, in the oceans salty rolls, in the perils and of course, in all the goodness.

We are the magic that our world shows us and knowing this – expressing this idea daily- can only enhance the glittery fairy tale powers we expect to find but truly hold inside.

Ponder and learn               xx Olive


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