Sunday Knows

The last two Sundays (sorry!) and everything in between have been wild – wild – wild. It’s as if all of a sudden the universe has said: oh you, little Livvy, you’re looking cloudy – have a serious sprinkle of luck, good timing and good times. So yes, wild, but nonetheless amazing and awe-inspiring!

I’ve spent some time around incredible athletes, big brand names and people i seriously and deeply love. I’ve spent time nutting out some big work both with my body and on the designers stage. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling grateful as hell for all that’s happened, occurs and is to happen. I’ve also spent a lot of time grinding, twerking and grooving in my pre-existing dance class and a new hip-hop hood class that i’m diggin’ like it’s world war two and  trench warfare is real – seriously, move your body in ways that feel good, folks!

Here’s some additional wonderful elements to my just gone weeks. Get movin’, groovin and prayin – it works.

xx Olive


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