Sunday Knows

Patti Smith, genius without having need be, has spelt out living: “Think of yourself like a captain, and you’ve got this little boat. And sometimes the weather’s good, and you’re just sailing, and sometimes big storms hit, and you know, you’re in a stormy sea, but just ride it out, ride it out. Because it’s good to be alive.”

This is an idea i’ve been feeling and pondering a lot lately. I used to question why things would be SO GOOD and then SO SLIPPERY and it’s been recently that i’ve come to understand, that’s how it is and isn’t that the beauty? I have developed the most confidence in things falling as they well and will often be great, if you let them fall and work for, dream of and believe in them turning up when they will.  It’s a very simple and quantum rule – don’t fight it.

I’ve been working on a very exciting branding project that’s inspiring me to keep on knocking on that door of opportunity – on every life front. For now the weather’s good, some days a little cloud and some nights a big storm but i can feel the power under my feet and i can see those life 100/hundreds that i’ve always known will be there. PATIENCE.

A week of great food, great coffee, great company, strong focus, power moving, hip hop grooving and a lot of loving!

Here’s a collection of the week. A moodboard too, because images speak a thousand words.

xx Olive








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